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Duane DeSoto wins 33rd Annual Buffalo's Big Board Surfing Classic at Hawaii (USA)

Duane DeSoto : photo Bernie Baker courtesy Oxbow

Duane DeSoto can be forgiven for wanting to be a little selfish with the prizes he won from the 33rd Annual Buffalo's Big Board Surfing Classic over the weekend.
"I think I'm going to keep the bully board because ours is old and beat up," he said.
But DeSoto walked away with a carload of other prizes, including several surfboards and bodyboards, and he plans to donate those to worthy causes. Most notable, he will offer a new longboard to a fundraiser for his wife's cousin, Christy Huddy, who is facing major medical bills related to a car accident.

"This is perfect timing because the fundraiser is on Feb. 28," DeSoto said.

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He will also donate prizes to Na Kama Kai, a nonprofit organization created to help children learn ocean sports through ocean awareness.
DeSoto's spirit embodies that of Buffalo's Big Board contest.
"This contest is about fun, friendship, family, sharing, that kind of thing," said Brian Keaulana, one of the contest directors. "Every year, you see guys giving away their boards to somebody else who might need it more than them."

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